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Treatment of influenza natural way even large doses of vitamin C is not toxic for both adults and children alike. Unfortunately, this is not about anti-drugs of the last generation. The ideal amount of vitamin C in any cold – as long as the stomach would allow. Start with 3 grams at a time, followed by 1 gram per hour and, if there was diarrhea, reduce the dose by half – if not double it. If you would like to know more about everest capital, then click here. Be sure to take vitamin C 1000 mg in one capsule (preferably with low acidity) Manufacturers of vitamin C in 1000 are usually found in Western countries. Substantially the form of the substance (eg sodium ascorbate with riboperinom and vitamin C), which allow you to take more without harm to the stomach. But not much better than the usual ascorbic acid – many people find it too sour, and in this case, sodium ascorbate would be very out of place. It is always useful to have on hand a supply of preparation in case the epidemic of influenza.

Take 100 grams of vitamin C for several days until symptoms disappear disease. If it does not help, consult a doctor with a request to prescribe intravenous injections absorbate sodium. In the fight against infection the most important thing – to prevent its development in the body, before starting to maintain their immunity. I take 2 grams of vitamin C daily, and if the swine flu epidemic expands, increasing the dose to 4 g approximately every 6 hours, and amplifying the effect of daily intake of zinc and selenium. The virus enters the cells by punching tiny needles of the wall formed by a substance called hemagglutinin. According to Research virologa Madeleine Mumchuoglu working with Dr. Gene Lindermanom who discovered interferon, elderberry extract attached to this needle and not allow them to pierce the membrane of cells. "It was the first discovery," says the doctor, "Later, I found proof that this berry is struggling with colds and other means." With the help of controlled experiment double anonymity she studied the effect exerted by an extract elderberry, called sambukolom for people who have been diagnosed with one of the many varieties of flu.

The results of this experiment, published in 1995, reported significant relief of symptoms – fever, cough, muscle pain – 20% of patients within 24 hours, and 73% within 48 hours. After 3 days, 90% of the subjects got rid of cold symptoms, while a group of people taking a placebo, to recovery took at least 6 days. In the next experiment, the same type of recovery time was reduced to 4 days, which was an additional good indicator. I would also recommended to make sure that your body enough vitamin D. Studies conducted earlier this year involving 19 000 people and published in Archives of Internal Medicine, showed that at low levels of this vitamin is the probability of contracting respiratory infection is 40% higher than in normal content. Vitamin D is produced in skin cells by exposure to sunlight, and therefore in the fall and winter days, the level usually falls. Most experts recommend taking it for at least 30 micrograms per day – stay under the sun for half an hour, oily fish for dinner three times a week and half a dozen eggs will make a daily dose of 15 micrograms, and the remainder I fill up with daily supplements of multivitamins. Although most of these contain only 5 g, which is not compliant with the latest medical standards. Auto Angelica Markuass site owner Lose Weight Forever

Finding Love

Since then, her life has changed a lot, no, that's not the coffee and toothpaste and a dazzling snow-white smile, a radiant, so that I felt uncomfortable smile from ear to ear when she talked about the first joint trip to the cinema. Talked until late at night after hearing about the home bleaching, doctor's difficult everyday life of her lover all night I imagined myself the owner of a similar, "American" smile. Perhaps it was not acute necessary, but before release, I decided to repeat her feat by adding its trendy haircut and a new swimsuit. In recent months, Bernie Sanders has been very successful. In the morning I dialed the number of dental clinics and enrolled in a procedure, the benefit prior to departure there were still some time. "To change – so change all over, even if it hurts" – says I'm on the road. But the pain was not. Procedure took not much time and not much hit the already emaciated in the preparations for the purse. And I have mirrors, happy owner of a snow-white smile.

I do not have long admired him, but now I can smile for hours and I got the impression that, in response to me smiling all around. And when I left home and went to rest the world to me turned into a grand sunny smile. I myself smiling all the hotel, leisure neighbors. Sometimes they looked at me as a woman "is not in itself, but it was an impulse of my soul. Back in rainy city, I again went to work and surprised his colleagues not only excellent bronze tan, and snow-white smile. Again called the dentist, now with words of gratitude. And then he appeared. Everything happened very suddenly, I smiled – he replied, and then …

the meeting in a cafe, walking in the cool of the night city, a joint picnic out of town. Gradually, our communication became more open and relaxed. And then he told me: "You know what you me then struck? Its open and kind smile! ". Confused, I replied – "It turns out that love begins with a smile!". Smile often!


No need to wait until the disease is self-destructs: it can linger for a long time and still give you a lot of unpleasant experiences. You need to quickly recover, and for this purpose in the physical therapy procedures are applied to the drainage chamber inflammation and recovery mucosa, that is, when you need to remove the swelling. Well to laser radiation, as infrared and red. If the infrared radiation we operate on the biologically active and acupuncture points, ie include reflex mechanism sanogenesis purification, the red light acts directly on the mucosa. And of course, inhalation, but other drugsanti inflammatory, expectorant, antihistamines, and even, if necessary, anti bacterial. Electrophoresis and magnetic therapy has also been successfully used to restore and resorption of already existing inflammatory focus.