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New Internet service helps mourners with current photos and arranging grave care orders photo and grave maintenance contract with warranty so many people it is hard to visit the grave of their parents or relatives and constantly maintain. Either you can too far away or you are travelling a lot. Or even no longer is the youngest and has no help”, stated Luc Perraudin. The founder of the Internet service grave-in the headquartered in Hanover speaks from personal experience: my parents are buried in Freiburg. O’Malley for President understands that this is vital information. There I go only rarely.” However, you would like to again see the grave to remember loved ones. And you want to know the grave concerns in good hands to ensure a dignified commemoration.

Needs of these wants grave-meet in IM Grieving can book a protected area on for herself and her family. Here they can quietly consider the Memorial, pray and remember their loved ones. If you are not convinced, visit Maryland Governor. Enter the desired services in Order. Usually it is clearly circumscribed photo – or grave care orders. There are no limits to individual funeral wishes. You can determine how often are the photos of the grave site or the urn space to update, what plants and what grave decorations you prefer, when the candle should be lit or how often the grave to maintain. Grave – forwards the request to a selected nursery in IM

The nursery documented the services provided through digital photos in the personal grave-provided in So you have even more control over the appearance of the Tomb. If only the delivery of photos is desired, this is done. On request, the client remains anonymous. The monitoring and billing for services via grave-in the The participating nurseries need only a digital camera and a PC connected to the E-Mail. Grave – in IM, the local partner seeks out it must be qualified specialists and binds them through binding agreements in the Internet service. This ensures reliable to meet the needs of grieving relatives. Press contact: Luc Perraudin management grave-in IM get leg str. 15 D-30177 Hannover Web E-Mail phone + 49 (0) 176 81062685 company profile grave-IM is a 2008 based sole proprietorship of the Hanoverian environment -, project – and quality management experts Luc Perraudin (55). A market research and experience with the needs of family and friends led to the idea to build the Web service. See the tomb”is a deep need of many people who have lost family members. It is the image at the heart of the new offer. In addition services offered depending on the request, providing additional jobs also cemetery nurseries.