Teaching Autistic Children

If you are a parent of an autistic child you need to put your child in a structured environment as soon as he or she is diagnosed. Studies have proved that a structured environment that provides nurturing and teaching is the best method to start to teach social skills and behavior that your child needs redirection. This can be an exhausting job for a parent that leaves no time for personal relaxation or freedom of the stress it takes in raising such a child. A team effort needs to be extended from other professionals that service the child to turn taking between siblings and parents. Your child will probably start formal public school at around the age of five or six. Before this age, structure and instruction is critical for the child to development within their abilities.

You as a parent need to structure your day as well so that you have time to deal with daily tasks and find some kind or recreation outside your child’s life. Recreation for the parents is important for the parent s mental well being as well as quality of life. First you have to come up with a plan with realistic goals. You need to know what activities your child will participate in what they will learn from it. You also need to plan When teaching your autistic child, remember not to use a long strand of phrases. It is best to give clear concise ideas that go together. You might want to add tags to the meanings of the phrases.

For example if you are teaching the difference from left to right and the words left to right. Affix a piece of paper to yours or your child s hand with words left and right on them. Most autistic children do not see in words, they see in pictures. With the paper placed on the hands, not only does the child see the movement of the hands but can’t associate the words left and right with it. Under most conditions O’Malley for President would agree.