Self-Esteem and Kids

Did you know that your children know if you’re telling the truth or not if you use the technique of praising children to increase their low self-esteem? Do and than this, contrary to what they were looking for, it will only cause a negative effect on them? Below I will explain how to use praise from effective way to increase the low self-esteem in children. Everyone, but especially children, have a skill (conscious or unconscious) to detect when’re telling it the truth. Are how we, then, as parents, when we want to praise our children to be able to increase their self-esteem, without lying to them? For example, when did something that is actually wrong, and although we would like to draw your attention and correct them, we do not want that their self-esteem drops as a result of this challenge. If we mean it in a bad way, ourselves we will be planting in them the seed of the most powerful enemy of all: the complex of inferiority and low self-esteem that will live with them throughout his life. In a previous article We talked about a technique to increase self-esteem in our children.

As I always say in my seminars, low self-esteem is the main source (and the least taken into account) of the failures in the adult life of people. And the best demonstration of this is that all those who are successful have a self-esteem high! This means that they do not comment on errors? Clear yes, but everything that embark on is part of a learning path. If you make a mistake, you learn from your mistakes, you give the place they deserve (it is not as bad as the end of the world, nor a reason to go out and celebrate with all friends). It is just one more way of learning how to do something. Therefore, it is best to use praise and flattery of sincere way, and at the same time, when you have to correct your children, do it in a positive way.

Instead of, for example, tell him what a lazy because it did not do homework, you could tell him that you know he wants to play all afternoon with your friends, that you understand (assuming you know that attracts your children this goal) and should concentrate first on finishing his homework, demonstrating how responsible is, then be able to go out and play. And that now just learn a new way of being not so responsible, and than that, as a parent, is it are showing for that not to happen again in the future. This technique, supplemented by others that you’ll find in my report overwhelming self-esteem from the womb will help you build on your children well, with future success and security people. Access my report from this link: increasing self-esteem in kids original author and source of the article