How To Play Piano By Ear And Not Use Sheet Music

My husband Juan Carlos Velez is a precious gift: the musical composition. He plays the piano since age 7. From child showed unusual talent. My sisters told me that as a child his only toys were a piano and unagrabadora study of audio cassettes. He has a great teaching ability and devoted himself to create a method to learn to play the piano, ie the keyboard, without the use of the scores.

These "symbols" intimidating to some, frustrating to others and bore the majority. So my husband thinking about that kind of people created the method for learning to play piano by ear. On this course has taught piano to many people including children and adults. Kids love little buttons used as interactive. He says that every child has the "gift" of playing piano or keyboard in general. Often frustrated parents forcing them to use scores. My husband is a stream of people who do not use sheet music to play. In addition, there is evidence that most composers throughout the mudno not read or write when they register their scores and songs, should employ the services of scores. After talking to a score and told me that when it is benchmarked to a score has more creativity and more freedom. Once a boy who took piano course told my husband, Juan Carlos "Master, I want to play like you when I grow up, because I want to write songs from my heart and not from my eyes … Those words were a source of inspiration in my husband and coined the phrase: With the method of piano by ear played with the heart and not with the view! Lucia Peru.