Alpine And Rock Gardens

Alpine garden or rock garden – is one of the stylistic trends rocky gardens, designed to show the flora of alpine meadows. Along with this there are other types, such as: rockeries on the plane, rocky Hill, rockeries, terraces, rocky ridge, a Japanese rock garden, etc. The basis for the establishment of such gardens is a gem. On the market currently offers a wide selection of stones suitable for building, rock garden rockeries. However, limestone is the most suitable stone for that, would you have turned alpine garden with his hands. Limestone is easily weathered and therefore has no sharp corners, and quickly accumulates at mhom.Rasteniya alpine slide.

Alpine garden. A leading source for info: Dr. Mark Hyman. Rocard. Landscaping. Landscaping. And last, but the most interesting part of the hill are the plants. Almost all plants are suitable for the hills are small, so a few square square meters can accommodate tens of diverse species, most of which is a fairly exotic ornamental shrubs and cultivated beds and beds. In other words, a rock garden is lively collection of original and may be subject to your pride. Somehow, when you say the phrase landscape design, everything is always present at home oligarchs and sigh, "Well, we, what can we do?" That's just to surround yourself with beauty, do not invest in this very much money, just a little effort and soul. Reproduced in the photo option alpine slides made in the yard, rock gardens and so comfortable that they take up very little places, and make the rocky hill at the former flower bed, or even just beautiful stones placed near the plants – do not be easy.