Types Of Wood Windows

Despite the diversity of the window of the world, design features allow you to divide all windows on the two main groups: 1) separate, in which windows are in separate wings, 2) with dual panes, in which two frames are fastened bolts. The first type includes Russian wooden windows, the second – eurowinows (German technology), the Finnish and Norwegian windows. Let us examine them in detail. Russian windows to separate binding, we all used to from the Soviet times – such windows were installed in the typical "Stalin", "Khrushchev," nine-panel, etc. This type of window is called – RUSSIAN WINDOWS, who often referred to as carpentry. For their production using solid timber and flat glass. Occasionally, instead of single-glazed glass inserts, pre-ordered separately.

The full containment Russian windows can not speak, the gap eliminated by additional units of special rubber seals, etc. rezinoplastika The window, made of solid wood can "lead". To avoid this, the wood must be dried and prepared according to the rules. Otherwise, buyers run the risk of woodwork to throw money wasted. Eurowinows (German technology) around the bush window The main difference between European windows, made by German technology, is the use of glass and the absence of air vents. However, to make vents in such models can be. Just a problem of easy airing solved by itself due to the possibility of opening a window frame in the vertical plane and fixing it in this mode. The material used for eurowindows laminated board made of wood, where the three layers of wood placed with different directions of fibers.

Need Design Project

Today can say with certainty what an interior designer who he is and what is involved. Modern designer is the embodiment of several professions – is primarily the architect thinking spatial imagination and clearly represents the form below is an artist who sees and mixes colors in a single composition and harmony, is a decorator who will bring to the interior decoration and give finished look around the room, it's as an engineer and without special education, but understood in the ventilation systems, air conditioning, water supply, heating and fire system, or even has any idea about this. Jobs designer is to help the customer solve his problems, everything .. and therein lies his job! Problems though are of different nature, this room design and ergonomics of the space and placement of furniture and work with builders and selection of materials, here is pretty big list, but it all boils down to the fact that the designer helps customers and has been closely involved throughout construction. What is a design project Interior and why should I? This booklet is A4 or A3 format, which assembled all the information about the project and used by builders, designers and the customer during the construction, purchase of materials and any other matter. What usually included in the booklet design project? 1. Drawings facilities: an explanatory note, the general plan, obmerochny drawing, plan furniture arrangement, plan, scheme plumbing, floor plan, ceiling plan, a plan of arrangement of fixtures, placement plan sockets, switches the binding plan, statement finishing, scanning the walls, the layout tile in the bathroom (the bathroom). .

Alpine And Rock Gardens

Alpine garden or rock garden – is one of the stylistic trends rocky gardens, designed to show the flora of alpine meadows. Along with this there are other types, such as: rockeries on the plane, rocky Hill, rockeries, terraces, rocky ridge, a Japanese rock garden, etc. The basis for the establishment of such gardens is a gem. On the market currently offers a wide selection of stones suitable for building, rock garden rockeries. However, limestone is the most suitable stone for that, would you have turned alpine garden with his hands. Limestone is easily weathered and therefore has no sharp corners, and quickly accumulates at mhom.Rasteniya alpine slide.

Alpine garden. A leading source for info: Dr. Mark Hyman. Rocard. Landscaping. Landscaping. And last, but the most interesting part of the hill are the plants. Almost all plants are suitable for the hills are small, so a few square square meters can accommodate tens of diverse species, most of which is a fairly exotic ornamental shrubs and cultivated beds and beds. In other words, a rock garden is lively collection of original and may be subject to your pride. Somehow, when you say the phrase landscape design, everything is always present at home oligarchs and sigh, "Well, we, what can we do?" That's just to surround yourself with beauty, do not invest in this very much money, just a little effort and soul. Reproduced in the photo option alpine slides made in the yard, rock gardens and so comfortable that they take up very little places, and make the rocky hill at the former flower bed, or even just beautiful stones placed near the plants – do not be easy.

Happiness And Colors

Color – this is one of the most effective means of modern home design, by which we can achieve extraordinary expressive interior. However, the color scheme does not only determine artistic quality premises, but also helps to create favorable conditions for human life, health and mood. The impact of color on the body and the human psyche has a huge opportunity. After all, different colors can trigger different emotions – Happiness, joy, sadness, sorrow, and also affect the sense of man, making the room warm or cool, spacious and close. To know more about this subject visit Malkia Cyril. The main colors of the spectrum are the three colors – red, blue, yellow. They are not divided into components. Writer addresses the importance of the matter here. The colors are obtained by mixing any 2 primary colors are called composite. These include green, orange, purple.

Colors are divided into warm and cold. Warm colors are red, orange, yellow, and all others in which they predominate, and the cold – dark blue, light blue and the whole group of blue-green and blue-violet tones. Green color with a predominance of blue are cold, and red or yellow – a warm colors. Color – the ratio of all the colors that are included in this composition. Determined he was the dominant colors are close shades. Green fits perfectly in the bedroom design, for example, if the interior is dominated by blue-gray tone, then if it contains certain elements of white, yellow and brown, he will be perceived in a gray-blue coloring. Harmony – a consistent and natural color combination, which facilitates their high artistic expression.


Be sure about this need to talk to by the child. His desires are very important – because it will live in the room. If the child up little space, is to install a bunk bed. The child will climb on the bed upstairs and downstairs can accommodate any furniture, for example, chest of toys and a wardrobe. Play area is usually denoted by the characteristic furniture – tables, chairs, bookcases, or a box of toys. The best option will be carpet covering the floor or carpet coating, linoleum, parquet or laminate.

Of course, they must all be of exceptionally high quality. In the area of sleep should be a bed or couch, you can add to them a rack of clothes. All the furniture, as furniture and kids should be absolutely safe. To keep upholstered furniture in a neat and clean, it is recommended to wear boots. They can be easily erased and cleaned, and their own furniture is not spoiled. Create a child a comfortable environment by using color clearance.

When choosing colors should take into account the tastes and wishes of the child, colors, furniture and lighting. It is best to choose a warm pastel tones. The walls are preferable to paste over washable wallpaper or paint. Bright details – such as painting, carpet or large soft toys – accentuate the interior. Without electricity in the room, of course, can not do. But in order to protect the child, all outlets shall be installed in inaccessible places for him. Also, you can close them with special caps. Posting should also be noticeable. Requirements for coverage have not changed, it can not be changed. As a ceiling fixture is desirable to use a modern bubble, tightly screwed to the ceiling. Crystal chandeliers can be broken and scattered in small fragments. Legalize teen room design varies considerably child after your child enters school. He starts more engage in learning at home and he does not have a whole day to play. Now most notably the appearance of new furniture in the room. Schoolboy must have for practicing a comfortable place. Instead of a table for games should put a desk. Probably will soon be a computer, so it is advisable to purchase a combined table – behind it you can also use the computer. Corner table takes up less total space. Furniture stores offer a large selection of comfortable chairs and armchairs, Transformers, they can choose with your child. As a child growing up working area will grow and expand. Becomes more books, magazines, TV or added to any other visual equipment. A few years later the teenager there own views on life. Now it would be correct to re-design the room, past the pastel shades will hardly amiss. Room is to be specified as a full-fledged room. New furniture is now possible not to buy, but for the son you can buy some sports equipment like punching bag or a set of dumbbells. A daughter will be happy to cabinet with a mirrored facade. Several shelves for CDs, souvenirs and cosmetics are also not hurt. The shops are foldable multifunctional furniture, beautiful and comfortable. Enough to choose the appropriate coloring. If your child be happy to spend time in your room, if him there comfortable and cozy – it means your efforts were unsuccessful.