Types Of Wood Windows

Despite the diversity of the window of the world, design features allow you to divide all windows on the two main groups: 1) separate, in which windows are in separate wings, 2) with dual panes, in which two frames are fastened bolts. The first type includes Russian wooden windows, the second – eurowinows (German technology), the Finnish and Norwegian windows. Let us examine them in detail. Russian windows to separate binding, we all used to from the Soviet times – such windows were installed in the typical "Stalin", "Khrushchev," nine-panel, etc. This type of window is called – RUSSIAN WINDOWS, who often referred to as carpentry. For their production using solid timber and flat glass. Occasionally, instead of single-glazed glass inserts, pre-ordered separately.

The full containment Russian windows can not speak, the gap eliminated by additional units of special rubber seals, etc. rezinoplastika The window, made of solid wood can "lead". To avoid this, the wood must be dried and prepared according to the rules. Otherwise, buyers run the risk of woodwork to throw money wasted. Eurowinows (German technology) around the bush window The main difference between European windows, made by German technology, is the use of glass and the absence of air vents. However, to make vents in such models can be. Just a problem of easy airing solved by itself due to the possibility of opening a window frame in the vertical plane and fixing it in this mode. The material used for eurowindows laminated board made of wood, where the three layers of wood placed with different directions of fibers.