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Makeup artists makeup professionals Internet portal offers a certified training to the make-up stylist (Hennef) – training and recognised expertise are essential for an existence in the beauty industry. For assistance, try visiting Michael Chabon. Professional styling experts on the market is characterised by experienced dealing with techniques, trends and in-depth knowledge of cosmetic products. Since may, 2011, the make-up artists ‘Makeup professionals’ portal offers the recognized training seminar to the makeup stylists and provides funding with State funding. It the first makeup stylists have been trained already successfully. The training to the make-up stylist is aimed to all who are interested in a career to the makeup artists, as well as hairdressers, Estheticians, color, type & style consultant and photographers who would even professional make-up their customers. The certified instructors have many years experience and excellent references. In the six-day seminar, the certificate candidate effectively learn the key principles and techniques in the make-up advice and makeup creation.

Main topics of the training are: product customer, Chromatics, hygiene in the workplace, information and advice on the work material, makeup techniques, Eyelash extensions, as well as an introduction to marketing strategies for customer acquisition. Also, the training content includes selfmanagement, building a customer base, and goal-oriented work. Membership in the make-up makeup professionals portal offers direct support for acquiring customers, therefore, every successful graduate of the makeup stylists get training a free six-month basic membership, which can be used as a cornerstone of self-promotion and is generating contacts and orders. Due to craftsmanship, technical expertise, and a bountiful self-employment and to extend a six-month “makeup stylists training” alludes to completed training. Also the consolidation of independence by appropriate marketing measures is further treated and professionally supported. Currently seven sites (Berlin, Troisdorf, Mulheim a.d.R., Dormagen, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Rosenheim) the training offer of the make-up artists Portal can be reached. ‘Makeup professionals’ is recommended as a continuing education provider of numerous educational institutions and accepts State-funded school vouchers and reward certificates for training to the make-up stylist. For all further information about training, costs and financing under or 02242 / 915405.

company description the make-up artist makeup professionals Portal is an Internet-portal with independent, professionally trained make-up artists, (hair)-stylists, make-up artists, make-up artists, beauticians, color, type, stylists and hairdressers. Makeup professionals – your makeup artists portal offers two divisions: 1. make-up artists search by postcode, E.g.