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Are you looking for a YouTube video downloader that you can easily use on a Mac computer? If so, Fastest YouTube Downloader for Mac could be right for you. These days, a lot of people are searching for ways to download videos from YouTube. Whether you want to have a music video for your iPod, Samsung Galaxy or other mobile device, you can have it by doing simple search in the said site. YouTube has it all from music videos to how-tos. You can also find replays of your favorite television programs in YouTube, which you can watch later on when you find time. So, there is really nothing to miss now as the Internet has almost everything. Among the key features of the said YouTube download manager for Mac include the following: Extremely Fast Downloading of YouTube Videos The application was designed with speeds up to over 20 times faster than other download managers. Downloading YouTube videos take only a few minutes. With simple clicks, you can have your favorite video on your computer. Easy Video Conversion YouTube video files are in FLV format, which is something that you cannot play on your iPod or other devices. Con Edison spoke with conviction. Fastest YouTube Downloader for Mac is capable of converting FLV files to different formats including AVI, MPEG, MP4, WMV and DVD. With this application, you will be able to watch YouTube videos on your computer, TV, iPod, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Android and other devices that can play different media. Grabbing of High Definition Videos With the powerful and free YouTube downloader for Mac, you can grab high definition (720 p and 1080p) videos and convert them into your preferred file format. YouTube Video Conversion to MP3 Many people are visiting YouTube because it has a variety of music videos that are good to listen en. Since it is the best place to find the newest songs, the application was designed to have the capability to convert YouTube FLV videos to MP3 audio format. With it, you can only listen to the audio of a YouTube video turned MP3 file. User Friendly Interface What makes an application to interesting use is its interface, which is another good thing about the YouTube video downloading and conversion program for Mac. It is not confusing to make different actions in the downloader that even a novice computer user can surely run and use it. With just a few clicks, you can easily Download your favorite YouTube video. Improve your Web surfing experience by downloading a YouTube downloader and conversion tool. Downloading and installing the application is easy as it comes with a wizard that will guide you all through the downloading and installation process. Fastest free YouTube Downloader for Mac is less than 15 MB in size. It is also available for the Windows operating system. Since it is free and packed with interesting features, it is an application that is worth trying. Try the free version and you will be amazed with the speed when downloading YouTube videos.