Stuart Hughes

To many people they may seem extravagant to pay what can cost an iPhone or a Blackberry, or some other expensive smartphone. But if they thought it was extravagant, they will think now that pay millions for one of them is a joke, even more so by an iPhone that was customized so that it can reach the category of super luxury decorated with diamonds. Gain insight and clarity with Con Edison. To stop gaping at all, we present iPhone 4 Diamond Rose, created by British designer Stuart Hughes, dedicated only to customize all kinds of custom-made electronics. What does it so special? For starters, this pink gem has a handmade frame and carries pink gold by the flanks. This very feminine device performs addition 500 Pink diamonds embedded, the logo of Apple owns 53 diamonds, and in front is the detallazo, because the Start button was replaced by a pink diamond of 7.4 carats, which on request can be changed by another 8 carats white diamond. In total, with as much jewel, this model has more than 100 carats in! precious stones! If they think little, the phone has a front navigation button made of Platinum with diamonds in it.

The price of the phone? A whopping of almost $ 8 million. In addition, this 32 GB iPhone comes with a cover of solid granite that weighs 7 kg, and which is on sale for no less than 5.7 million euros. This gorgeous Smartphone two copies only are manufactured, and one of them was already sold to an Australian billionaire. At the moment this spectacular iPhone has already been classified as the most expensive in the world, only phone other extravagant device of the super luxury up to dethrone it place. If mortal as we had the uncertainty of whether buy iPhone 4 16 GB or 32 GB, or not decided us telephone operator choose, because successful millionaires will have doubt and temptation to opt to purchase this gem from Apple or other costly customized version as that show.