Latin America

The latest report from ComScore Inc., (the company that measures and certifies the online world traffic) notes that users of Internet in Latin America grew by 23% during the year 2009, staying in the global distribution of Internet users with 8%, above North America recorded 7%. The global growth of the Internet users in Latin America was overwhelming, according to the report from comScore on June 15, 2010, in comparison with other regions, like North America which grew 9%; Europe grew 12%; It Asia Pacific grew by 10%; and East Africa grew 15%. In this way, Latin America already has more than 160 million users of Interne, while the Spanish becomes the third language in the online world (the first is English and the second is Chinese). The message is clear, if not these on the Internet, do not exist, because the network has become the first tool of communication and global information, in both the forms of use, the technologies online and orientation in the network channels are multiple and perhaps, most importantly, is that costs have a presence on the Internet are on the floor. Then, there is no excuses to not have a presence on the Internet, because the costs of being in the network are literally ridiculous, if we compare it to the cost of 10 years ago or even five years ago. Recently I did a little research on alternatives and costs to have a presence on the Internet, because I wanted to reach a specific conclusion, but it was impossible to determine a parameter in terms of quantity, because the list of options is enormous. The next question would be: what you need to have presence in Internet? First, you need a domain name or subdomain; Second, a service of hosting or so-called hosting and third, required content. A name of domino is your online presence, it’s your brand, is the name of your company or your first name registered with an extension of global domain to have presence on the Internet, for example:.