Mining Equipment Machinery

Mining machinery manufacturing industry is the pillar industry of the national cement industry and it has a great impact on the development of the country. With the development of urbanization, regional revitalization, high speed railway, highway, the construction of nuclear power plant and affordable housing and the increasing investment in water conservancy, the market demand for mining machinery will continue to enlarge.In recent years, the demand for mining machinery market has been strong. Learn more on the subject from Michael Chabon. In 2011, the total industrial output value of mining machinery reached 1,689 billion yuan, an increase of 25% over the same period of last year. China has entered the the ranks of production, consumption, and the exporting of mining machinery, big but not strong.Influenced by the increasing efforts and investment in affordable housing and the development trend of low-carbon and green world, large green mining machinery and has become the first choice in the mining machinery industry. Based on the current situation of the mining machinery industry, the mining machinery industry in China should further deepen reform, actively adjust the industrial structure and product mix, transform the mode of economic growth, enhance the capability of independent innovation and accelerate the research and development of high-end mining machinery, ore beneficiation, crusher and key parts and the pace of developing market.

Further improving product quality and strengthening service awareness and enhancing the overall competitiveness of the whole industry. The innovation capability of the products is the primary factor to determine the status of the enterprises in the global competition, especially the mining machinery industry. It is necessary to innovate and build the equipment of environmental protection and energy saving. According to the analysis report of the market prospects and investment value of mining machinery industry in 2011 released by the domestic professional advisory body, the current technical level of the mining machinery treats the production and promotion of ore beneficiation, crushing and screening equipment (vibrating screen) as the mainstream and it will remain so for the next 20 years. On the basis of the further improvement in the efficiency, accuracy, and networked intelligentize, automation, the mining machinery should gradually make the transition to the processing unit and the high-end equipment manufacturing system.