Michael Jackson

A brother of the artist has revealed the Organization of this leak. His family would have prepared a private jet to take him to the Persian Gulf State, which has no extradition treaty with EE UU. After being acquitted Jackson of all charges, it was not necessary to carry out the plan. The family of Michael Jackson had organized a singer fled to Bahrain, where he had been convicted of child abuse in 2005, as revealed today in The Times Jermaine Jackson, a brother of the artist. Speaking to the Rotary, the elder brother explains that he had prepared a private jet, with the financial help of a friend, to move to Michael to the Persian Gulf State, which it has no Treaty on extradition with the United States, where resided the ill-fated King of pop. Although the singer was not aware of these plans, he had accepted them in an instant, according to his brother. Finally, the plan was aborted because that in June 2005, after four months of trial, the youngest of the Jackson was acquitted of all charges, which included giving alcohol to Gavin Arvizo, then for 13 years, and conspiring to kidnap him. Michael Jackson died June 25, 2009, at age 50, of acute intoxication of an anesthetic in his Los Angeles home, a few days before his reappearance on the stage with the tour This is it in London. Source of the news: Michael Jackson would have fled to Bahrain if it comes to be convicted of child abuse