Sushi Delivery

“Sakura” Again, one of the first “delivery”. And while they managed to drive off I ordered from them anything, especially sushi! Cuisine: Business economics, but not to that degree! Otbrezki, balances, and little in a hurry! Where are fit? Price list: A price tag in response to the crisis, apparently, is constantly growing! I give up wanting to own 20% discount at the “Sakura”. I do not need. “Emperor” Not long ago I praised the service delivery. Like, what good fellows, in the economic conditions to demonstrate this quality, so the size of portions and to keep these prices! ..

And suddenly ..! Last order was revealing: Kitchen: From reliable sources it is known that most of the decent cooks away, and now those who remain – no time to cope with so many orders. Therefore, a decreased quality (apparently part of the process is passed, or cut), and has enormously increased the time of delivery! Want to order sushi for lunch today? Do it once in the morning! And not a fact that will bring in time. Price list: It was one of the lowest. BUT … New Menu – New Prices! Yeah, okay, but then return the quality and speed of delivery! Kamakura Restaurant Delivery of the Lord, begin its work with such quality? Are you crazy?? Cuisine: Long time I do not eaten these “mediocre” rolls.

Even the “serving as a gift” is not corrected the picture. My wife rolls generally confused than upset her terribly! I have it such a vulnerable man, and do not eat salmon, but here Instead of the “Philadelphia ebi” brought the usual “Philadelphia.” Special attention would like to dedicate wasabi and ginger. If you do not know, this dime-store crap out of a tube of wasabi-NOT! Well, at least it could put a little more than a gram? Ginger was 2 grams. To form b / ear. Price list: Medium. For example: “Philadelphia” (so-so quality) 240 rubles. I no longer your customer. “Master Sushi” Sushi Master Sushi Delivery’s who was a pleasant surprise for the last time! Delivered in an hour, as promised. The quality is very decent! Kitchen: very good quality of products and very large portions. This is probably the most basic “test” in the delivery, and they did easily sustained. Ginger at all piled so full container! In general, the ‘cooking’ complaints. Absolutely. True ordered only once. Maybe lucky? Price list: Much better than average. For example, “Philadelphia” is 300 rubles. But this real “Philadelphia”! So it is with others. And I’m willing to pay more for such quality. Just a pity that little thought discount program.