The Spanish

Portuguese, used by 190 million Brazilians, is also spoken in Portugal, Mozambique and Angola. The impact staff is the highest consideration for Anglophones, because they do not actually need to know other languages, and its importance is 40%. French takes the awards in this category for their Latino roots that provide insight for the etymology of the words; even 30 percent of the English come from latin. French was the privileged language of Europe for more than a thousand years and its cultural relevance is indisputable. The Spanish ranks second, because his influence was permeated by the same English and the native languages of the Americas.

Italian, being a direct descendant of latin, plays a role appreciated in the handling of the vocabulary, but its use is lost to the French and the Spanish. The economic factor is that most affects the learning of a language, and English being the most prominent in this field, the importance of a second language for an anglophone is only 20%. French is convenient to do business in Africa and France. The Spanish serves as a means of communication for the trade with Latin America and Spain. The German, Russian and Japanese mandarin is followed by.

According to three parameters studied, the languages of greater hierarchy for Anglophones in order of communicative usefulness are: French, Spanish, Arabic, German, Russian, Italian, hindi, mandarin, Portuguese, swahili, Japanese and Turkish. But for Americans the Spanish is gaining prominence for his relationship with Mexico, Latin America, and 43 million Spanish speakers who live in United States. According to Saint George Weber in the most important languages, the results were similar, taking as reference the linguistic communication and its influence in the human race, business and culture. In successive order, after English, are French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, German, Portuguese and hindi. original author and source of the article.