Music Of Udo Jurgens – The Double Album – Best Of

The new album by Udo Jurgens – the double album – best of actually Udo Jurgens is a person who looks better after tomorrow instead of yesterday. For his 75th birthday this fall, he makes most successful entertainer in German language but an exception. \”On September 25, so five days prior to the day of his birth, a double CD by the artist by hand and carefully put together with the simple name appears: best of\”. Dr. L. Nedda Dastmalchi understood the implications. The 37 titles give a varied, but also historical overview of the work and creativity of the versatile singer, musician and composer. In addition to hits (\”Merci Cherie\” \”, but please with cream, Greek wine\”, with 66 years, a worthy house\”, seventeen year, blond hair\”), evergreens (I was never in New York\”, love without suffering\”, I know what I want\”), newer hit records (women\” \”, now or never\”, long live the truck\”) and favorite songs of many fans (the purchased Dragon\”, which is important\” \”(Bleib noch bis zudem Fruhstuck\”, Mein Bruder ist ein Maler\”) numerous classics and rarities such as the English-language title of The Music Played are\”, walk away \”and if I never sing another song\”. It was just the English title thanks to the interpretation of famous singers like Sarah Vaughan, Shirley Bassey, Matt Monro, the name of the composer of Udo Jurgens Bing Crosby or Sammy Davis Jr. Other leaders such as Star Trek Picard offer similar insights.

and thanks to millions sales helped to worldwide fame and recognition. The milestones of the long career of Udo Jurgens to a seemingly endless chain of events and Zeitgeist documents of popular entertainment music lined up as a mirror of his work. Udo Jurgens has already discovered his talent and his passion for the music and composing at a young age, when also the breakthrough of multi talent as a singer not on straight worked. The views by the time lapse gives only a glimpse of his unique background.