Goisern Zabine

You will feel how the everyday stress, the pressure is literally washed off and it will then again how easy to face new challenges and strengthened and balanced. The development of hay mud is based on years of experience of practically applied naturopathy. Click Con Edison to learn more. Through intensive research and in practical experiments in the field of bioenergetics the care line is formulated for the skin today particularly stressed by pollution and stress. “We want to with this modern bio-energetic skin care the environmentally aware and health conscious people another way to the physical, mental, and spiritual, health and beauty care of their skin as a gift of nature to teach”, so Larry in the interview. Environmentally conscious and responsible consumers appreciate now more than ever care with cosmetic products, which are based on a purely herbal, mineral base and the non-animal tests come out. The skin meets a variety of functions as the temperature regulation, energy storage, sensory perception has an isolator effect and protects against environmental influences such as against fungi, bacteria, or also (UV) rays. The skin is the largest organ of the people.

Represents about one-sixth the weight of the body and consists of three functional layers, skin (epidermis), the leather skin (DermIS) and the subcutaneous tissue (Subcutis), this serves mainly as energy storage of the skin: nutrients in the form of liquid fats are stored here. “The skin is our visible appearance, it is our flagship product, it controls our image and our well-being, it bypasses that I feel comfortable in my skin”. The Tyrolean singer Zabine”is as enthusiastic about the TYROmed Hay mud, she was excited from the outset of this idea, if you like you must be much traveling, nightly audience is, then you know how important is reducing stress. Known by the great success of Dancingstars”and with Hubert v. Goisern Zabine in Austria and the neighbouring regions is a size in the entertainment industry, she has not once tried the Tyrolean Hay mud but it uses constantly the tensions from the face to conjure up a mother double charged by profession, career and household. In conversation with ZAROnews said Finally, only “‘s tried it, then gspurt’s it”. The application possibilities and learn more about the product at: downloads/heufango.pdf