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As one of the most powerful speaker sets of its price category offers the XPS 2.1 40 slim 32 watts RMS (8 watts per satellite + 16 watts to the subwoofer). This variant of the new XPS series will cost 49.99 euros. Learn more at: Xavier McKinney. Both speaker systems are supplied with a wired mini remote control for the volume control, headphone jack and a practical line input for direct connection of the MP3 player. Each speaker is magnetically shielded to prevent interference in other multimedia devices. Technical information: Hercules XPS 2.0 40 slim output power: 5 watts RMS top loading: 10 Watts of Hercules XPS 2.1 40 slim output power: 32 watts RMS top loading: 64 Watt compatibility: PC, notebooks, Mac, MP3 players, TVs, game consoles supplied cable: connection cable to the audio source minimum system requirements PC with Soundcard Mac MP3 player CD/DVD player game console 1 with Amylee, known as artistic Designer, painter and colour artist, colors and materials go up in a striking melange. Amylee works in a dynamic fashion and pop-inspired style. (Similarly see: John Lennon).

This applies in particular to their completely hand-made paintings. There is nothing more natural than the marriage of colors, styles and shapes for Amylee. you want the Hercules XPS 2.0 40 slim or Hercules XPS 2.1 40 slim even try out? It’s simple: Ask for right now your personal review copy under. Printable picture material are available on request at our agency Xpand21 GbR using the below contact details. For more information see about Guillemot Corporation Guillemot Corporation is working as a developer and manufacturer of interactive hardware and accessory products.

The Group offers a wide range of products under the brand name of Hercules and ThrustMaster. Since their launch in 1984 the Guillemot Corporation group is represented including Germany, France, United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Belgium, Holland, Hong Kong, Romania and Italy now in 11 countries, and their products are used worldwide in 30 countries available. Mission of the group is high-quality and user-friendly products to offer, which improve the satisfaction of customers of interactive, digital entertainment solutions. See also:. Contact: Guillemot GmbH Christian Reul Eagle road 74 40211 Dusseldorf Tel. + 49-211-33 800 410 PR agency Xpand21 GbR Juliana Hartwig Dammtor 12 20364 Hamburg phone + 49 40 325 09 17 18