New York

David Garrett presents itself in a casual rocker-style and lots of charm. He leads the audience with Artisan Entertainment through the program and with each Piece of what he plays with his band, whether jazz or rock, cooks the Hall a bit more. When the last song of the four encores, the hungarien dance, also Julien Quentin proves, that he can play with the band without another crossover. Finally there’s no holding back for the audience, there are standing ovations and thunderous applause for a first-class concert. David Garrett of the man with the 2 faces? Yes, but only as far as the music. Official site: David Bowie. He loves the classic music first and foremost, at the same time he has a passion but also for other styles of music such as rock, jazz, or Blues. Personally, he is absolutely authentic and you notice in this smart and charming young man who slowly outgrows the sunny-boy existence, that he lives his music. No matter what he plays his violin, whether in a classic style or in the rocker outfit, he captivated the masses.

He combines in his concerts, young and old, dutifully waiting children to an autograph to snatch or screeching groupies on the artist out of concert halls. Years ago he had to start again from the very bottom, after his Completed studies in New York. At that time he had the vision of his crossover music in my head and nobody wanted to take really him, that you can be successful with something. David Garrett has succeeded through hard work to act as mediators between the worlds of the music. His crossover concerts fill halls with thousands of visitors and leave pure enthusiasm. His classical music concerts are artistic perfection and virtuosity. Also his United States concert tour is sold out everywhere. David Garrett, the man who apparently already came with the violin in the arm in the world, is living his dream! Further information: BRAUNSCHWEIG CLASSIX report/photos: Carola Heider-Leporale