The Pair

The members of the pair do not manage to assume the responsibility of their own lives, to maintain an interesting life and total flood of sense for themselves. Tim Cawley has much to offer in this field. When we cried because our now no longer it is, and our conditions have been devastating in pair, perhaps, it means that we required to take a break in the way and to reframe to us, some questions: I really value myself like person? Yes the answer is affirmative, then I will be able to look for one better pair, but on the contrary, the answer is no, surely I look for in the pair the value of my person, and then against the ruptures, I remain without value, and is perhaps, lacking of personal esteem to which I am crying to him. Which are the treatments that I require to have to feel to me loved and appreciated? Here the answers are manifolds and varied, each person in the individual can give answer it, so that, yes I I am a person who considers that the respect is fundamental in the relation, then because acceptance shouts, insults, shoots, shared cancellations of appointments to last hour, relations, etc. With this I want to indicate that to that I am going it respect to ask, not only of my pair, but of all that one with which I establish relation, like my brothers, friendly, heads, fellow workers. And to stop wearing away in trying to change to me even so that it respects to me. Yes it does not do it, will not do it. Then because I cry and I hurt to me because my pair is so thoughtless, when all time allow I it. At what moment of my life there am lost the control of my feelings for brindrselos to somebody, it loves no matter how hard it, that it does not appreciate to me? And with this question it would want to close this reflection, I am not insinuating that we do not cry, on the contrary, healthy crying the soul, the emotions and the worries. .