Parenting Our Youth

Do our young people who aspire? Lately it seems that more and more teens are approaching maturity, and do not want a career, or fame, or honor. Sometimes it seems that simply do not want anything. Let us try to understand what is really what you want the next generation of today's generation is special and unique in its kind this generation of children and adolescents is very special. They are highly developed from the internal point of view compared to previous generations with regard to its relationship with the world around them and the expectations on it. They do not want or believe in what they have placed their confidence that their predecessor generations. They feel in a way that can not explain, that a profession, money or wealth, they no longer enough and from the beginning about lack of aspiration.

The youth of today and of course the next generation, do not want done to themselves in the level of this world. To them belongs a strong desire for something, but they are unsure of what question. So what really craves young generation The next generation needs to discover for themselves the world from the forces that drive our system. That part of the reality that has an additional presence in the physical world and now is hidden from us. The young generation wants to know the second half of life, the forces that govern his life, understand what lives, what happens to him before birth and then dies. These questions can be found inside, in his heart. He does not feel yet, but the subconscious is burning and pressing him for answers. The answer for the next generation is up to us, adults, care about helping them to formulate the questions that correspond to your wishes and guide them to find a satisfactory answer.

How one should conduct himself and with others, how accurate live, what happens when your body dies, what are all the systems that exist in nature, especially this vast world, why and what it was born alive. Being aware of their nature and the forces acting on it. As soon as they come across the answers over and over again, beginning to feel, and see to what extent growing and it's good for him. We are then faced with a generation that knows where to find satisfaction.