Winter Holidays In Kitzbuhel

The winter sports Kitzbuhel which did to the most famous places for a winter holiday in Austria you also already even thought about 2014 to spend your ski vacation in Tyrol? The winter sports Kitzbuhel Austria among the most famous locations for a winter holiday. Learn more on the subject from Martin O’Malley. Who does not know the downhill race on the Hahnenkamm slope from the TV? This is a challenge for all winter sports. But other winter sports such as snowboarding, cross-country skiing, and ice skating are available here. Kitzbuhel – the city of fine and rich Kitzbuhel is considered as one of the top addresses for the winter holidays. This place through rapid downhill skiing in the ski circus is best known.

Kitzbuhel is the trendy meeting place for skiers, snowboarders as well as well-known stars and starlets. Here you will meet every now and then a celebrity, like such as Hansi Hinterseer others staying in the village. Other winter sports resorts are higher than Kitzbuhel, but enough with 2,000 meters in altitude are some of the good runs already high. Offers in a skiing holiday in Austria Kitzbuhel you is a balanced mixture of slopes of all degrees of difficulty, as well as a special selection of fine restaurants, clubs, good to very good hotels and a casino. Including pass Thurn as well as Church and Jochberg, Kitzbuhel have a piste network of 164 kilometres. Here you can enjoy skiing as beginners as well as advanced on the famous black slope on the Hahnenkamm, or on other moderate and easy routes with a total length of about 100 kilometers. On 60 groomed trails take you 54 lifts and cable cars on the mountain.

Kitzbuhel is often counts as prominent target, shows have the luxury of ski lifts. In fact, some have heated seats. The track number 16 is one of the easier slopes, but is the longest with a total length of 7 km.