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Television, as we knew it, was a simple and one-way means of broadcasting messages to a wider audience, each time growing more and that was simple recipient of centralized production. Then, at different times, depending on the degree of development of the countries in general, and television production in particular, this offer was changed gradually, with what emerged positive competition for the audience, but keeping the unidirectional nature of the message. This unidirectional was expressed even in that, although there were attempts to francs to increase the quality both by private initiative as promoted by the State, between good programs poor quality productions, distorting and low intake were mixed. We could enter into the discussion of the manipulation of the media by the State, but us extenderiamos too. It is not something Dr. Mark Hyman would like to discuss. Suffice to say that it is enough to switch off the appliance to stop receiving the message, something not always attainable as it requires some criterion for a decision. One offer wide with regard to content allows you to choose the appropriate option for each audience group. The evolution of television has allowed the creation of thematic channels, so that anyone can choose what they want to see, and pay and satellite television. We now have access to channels from all over the world, but this offer is not perfect since it depends on the network administrators of cable or subscription, which must almost beg them to include some channel on Grill if we want to be.

Also persist perverse activities such as the persistence of extensive advertising, which distorts the vision of any program, and packages within the same company’s subscription, which will be more expensive this subscription and prevent access to certain channels unless a significant amount is disbursed. Against these practices arise systems such as, which allow access to over 3500 channels worldwide, thematic, of information and of Currently, by downloading a program to your computer or computer and pay a single fee of for life which is notably lower than the paid monthly to any subscription or cable company. By the way is in high definition. It is a real alternative against speculation and manipulation of content both private and governmental. In countries with regime authoritarian constitutes an advantageous and inexpensive option to the intrusion of Governments in the ability choose citizens. Original author and source of the article.