United Kingdom

Backscatter scanners emit radiation of 0, 1 microsevert. If we consider that a Tomography radiates 10,000 microsevert we can consider the possibility of cancer is null, even in those individuals who travel frequently. This system allows to detect under clothing objects such as weapons or objects of aggression that could be hidden in them. The problem to be analyzed is these devices to give an image of the individual almost as if it were bare so privacy would be affected, no doubt. He is regarded as a useful additional tool, but I believe that the laws to put them into operation should be very clear and strict. I think that the attitude of Spain does not make any decision until there is a European standard where its use is perfectly regulated should be followed by those countries which, like United Kingdom, Holland and Canada, they have almost intended use without expecting any Community regulation. Should be completely sure that these images will not be used for other purposes, especially in a world so troubled as the current. The privacy of human beings must not be indiscriminately raped by much fear of terrorism that we have. Novelist is open to suggestions. It is a fact that we must bear in mind in the first place.