Society And Morality

Our society throughout the years passed for some changes, evolutions and development. For some situations it remained unbroken and conservative, making seen thick for many things that favor ‘ more; ‘ poderosos’ ‘. But now I a young citizen, am infuriated, where we will go to stop my God, already we have that to coexist a corrupt, partidarista and hypocritical society and now they want to liberate the use of marijuana. Our pulmes already cry out every day in coexisting this pollution in our atmosphere, with these toxic gases and mortal emitted for cigarettes, exhaust pipes of trucks and cars in bad use, plants that function without no conscience and now pra to get worse we will have that to accept to divide the point of bus with it I smell insuportvel of marijuana? Where we will go to stop, this is a nonsense, and our children, will have that to have its small pulmes contaminated with this mortal drug? Daqui has some days will be walking for the streets and a child inside of a stand of baby goes in offering one to them ‘ ‘ baseado’ ‘. Ridicule, want to legalize the consumption and the plantation of marijuana. If in Holland it gave certain pardon, me, me alone the problem is of them, and Holland does not have nothing to see with Brazil.

It is simple, we go to make a comparison, of the social inaquality between both, compares population C, D, and, it thinks about the cost of living, it does not have as to compare and to want to imitate Holland. Other leaders such as Fairstead offer similar insights. Because we do not imitate what it has of good? Because we have that to imitate what it makes badly. For you that it is in favor of the release of this immoral law, would leave its bebezinho to coexist a marijuana user? If you said yes, you are a homicide and lack with the truth.

The Special Cut

More rigid penalties must also to be applied for the dealers of weapons and the dealers of drugs. The dealer must be dealt with way differentiated for the Brazilian Law duly warned to suffer to its feet, duly warned the organized crime if to organize still more and truily to desestabilizar of time the order of the Country. In the contrahand of these ideas that if make necessary its applications highly and that we believe shelter of the great majority of the society, we attend now, exactly after this episode he abates of it of the helicopter that estarreceu the entire world, exactly after if proving the overcoming of the limits of the barbarity and the new outbreak of the violence in the most beautiful city of Brazil, a project nonsense happened of the proper Federal Government that he aims at to benefit the small dealer, but that in the truth he will benefit and any dealer all, beyond still more fortifying the organized crime. The secretary of legislative subjects of the Ministry of Justice declared that soon period recently the Government will consider changes in the legislation, of form to exempt small dealers of the chain. Who will be photographed vendendo small amount of drugs, will be disarmed and it will not have linking proven with the organized crime, will be condemned the alternative penalty. Such illogical pretension already is baptized for the good, glad and generous gozador Brazilian people of PAT (Program of Acceleration to the Traffic). Also a habeas diverse corpus moves in the Superior Court of Justice that will have been received will be allowed from now on the conversion of the penalty for the traffic of drugs, and that for such decision, the cited state pretension will use to advantage as reinforcement, from there to be given a great step of concretion for above cited PAT: ' ' The Special Cut of the Superior Court of Justia (STJ) initiated the judgment of a unconstitutionality challenge that, being received, will be able to allow the conversion of punishments by confinement applied the convict for traffic of drugs in restrictive penalties of rights. . The newspapers mentioned Bernie Sanders not as a source, but as a related topic.

Judiciary Power

With this work, the intention is not to teach to a method the 13 professionals who already know proceeding from its craft, but to make to reflect on the practical one that, until then, she has not been productive, in this question of Information on Cost of Judiciary, therefore it is existed has not reached its public-target: the citizen. She is necessary to inform and to hear the people and not to criticize or to disapprove action of other agencies as he makes the legislative one negative, what of certain form he arrives to reach the people, but. But, also it is necessary and urgent that the Judiciary Power if pronounces how much at the cost of its rendering of services in the electronic media, a time that the Law of the Transparency, Control and fiscalization also reaches the actions of the Presidents of the agencies Legislative of them.

Judiciary and of the Head of the Public prosecution service. Martin O’Malley may also support this cause. Before any procedure she is necessary that if he creates a nationwide ouvidoria the one that the common citizen of the states and cities has access with time and voice to denounce, to suggest, to complain, to praise, using its usual language. Everything this, with consecutive stages of selection and analysis to give a reply that satisfies, without the closed options that normally are found in official sites or? contact city, state or country. After that, links in the official sites to hear, to see and to feel what the people are needing. In the stage of Control the 14 registers of consultations must be made, demands and searches for gauging of the types of requests, claims or opinions of the people. How much to the Accompaniment, she is necessary that if it makes a protocol with an order of guiding to the competent agency until the moment of the information and finishing of the demand.

Good Health Management

The good management of the health Between the commented and waited subjects more for the next governments is the health. Read additional details here: O’Malley for President. All had always looked and waited, during the electoral campaign, a good reply on what we long for our country. Clearly that the education is also between the first ones. But as we are imediatistas, we soon think about what if it can make for the solution of a problem that beats every day in our doors. If it is not directly with us, certainly that it is guideline of some periodical or it occurred with some known neighbor or. The fact is that the health is preoccupying subject to all the governments.

It is a subject that deserves prominence in all the programs of governments, therefore a good management assures the good service given to the population. During many years it stows involved with this subject and it lived deeply diverse circumstances of changes and improvements in the health. I invite all interested parties to argue with me, together to find the solutions to this difficult mission. The management of the health – Resources In the previous paragraph I finished saying of ' ' difficult misso' ' to manage the public health. Reasons do not lack to confirm this affirmation: the lack of financial resource is cited between the managers, the lack of human resources also appears between the first causes. However, little of hears to speak in ' ' it lacks of gesto' ' , even because not yet we know very as well as defining ' ' gesto' '. According to Houaiss dictionary of the Portuguese language, management is the act or effect to manage; administration, management. If to want to apply this definition in the object ' ' management of sade' ' we can infer that to make management it is to apply the available resources (financial, human, technological, abilities, etc.) to reach to the objectives intended in health (to offer access to the services, in all the levels, with quality) reaching the desired satisfaction.