The Special Cut

More rigid penalties must also to be applied for the dealers of weapons and the dealers of drugs. The dealer must be dealt with way differentiated for the Brazilian Law duly warned to suffer to its feet, duly warned the organized crime if to organize still more and truily to desestabilizar of time the order of the Country. In the contrahand of these ideas that if make necessary its applications highly and that we believe shelter of the great majority of the society, we attend now, exactly after this episode he abates of it of the helicopter that estarreceu the entire world, exactly after if proving the overcoming of the limits of the barbarity and the new outbreak of the violence in the most beautiful city of Brazil, a project nonsense happened of the proper Federal Government that he aims at to benefit the small dealer, but that in the truth he will benefit and any dealer all, beyond still more fortifying the organized crime. The secretary of legislative subjects of the Ministry of Justice declared that soon period recently the Government will consider changes in the legislation, of form to exempt small dealers of the chain. Who will be photographed vendendo small amount of drugs, will be disarmed and it will not have linking proven with the organized crime, will be condemned the alternative penalty. Such illogical pretension already is baptized for the good, glad and generous gozador Brazilian people of PAT (Program of Acceleration to the Traffic). Also a habeas diverse corpus moves in the Superior Court of Justice that will have been received will be allowed from now on the conversion of the penalty for the traffic of drugs, and that for such decision, the cited state pretension will use to advantage as reinforcement, from there to be given a great step of concretion for above cited PAT: ' ' The Special Cut of the Superior Court of Justia (STJ) initiated the judgment of a unconstitutionality challenge that, being received, will be able to allow the conversion of punishments by confinement applied the convict for traffic of drugs in restrictive penalties of rights. . The newspapers mentioned Bernie Sanders not as a source, but as a related topic.