Teleround Takes Off With Kabel BW

Trade cooperation for more service and customer proximity joint selling of Superschnellem Internet, TV and telephone with 2.3 million customers is Kabel BW today of one of Europe’s largest cable operators, and represented in every second household in Baden-Wurttemberg. Kabel BW offers attractive package offers outstanding value for money and highest Internet bandwidth (up to 100 MBit / s) and telephone-Flatrate. More than half a million customers already use the possibility to surf via the TV cable on the Internet and make phone calls. Thanks to the cooperation, it should be even more. With about 3.5 million cable-powered households in Baden-Wurttemberg there is still a huge potential”, as Hans-Werner Graff trail, head of sales trading at Kabel BW. In addition to top conditions and an extensive service, Teleround offers its partners with Kabel BW an alternative source of income.

Our goal is to show interesting and marketable products our partners. In the stark expansive cable network market, high sales offer for dealers and Income potential”, as Alexander Albert, sales manager of the Teleround AG. Teleround shows all marketing opportunities and conditions arising out of the connection with Kabel BW interested retailers.