Web Creation

Family site – it is not just banal home page or personal website ('homepage', 'hamster') describing himself as the favorite of the human race of human civilization, placing personal details, hobbies, creative interests and other things Resource type before us – is a site that evolved from a simple 'hamster' in quite a thoroughbred Family site – a site dedicated primarily to your genealogy family, but not necessarily only to her. We have another great, in our opinion, the subject matter for such a resource – Local History. Of course, if there are persistent and focused on this science interest. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Michael Chabon on most websites. The first question before the creators site-like than justify the raison d'etre, and in general the birth of your creation? A few words about the aims and objectives of ancestral Internet resource, and we also consider an approximate algorithm for its creation as an example our website. Firstly, the 'ideology' of our ancestral, genealogical, local history site, we summed up under two main ideas that we seem to be most relevant and which we try to convey to everyone: 1) the idea of love and interest in own Kin This is not afraid of this word, sacred idea emphasized by us as opposed to a general ignorance 'Ivanov, kinship does not remember the' what, alas, we have found more often. 2) the idea of love and interest in own land – patriotism, even 'jingoistic', but better than vserazlagayuschy and all-decomposing cosmopolitan! All together, we believe, will help our people to accelerate the natural process of its national identity.