The Key To The Various Types Of Loans

Loans are made for larger purchases, both in the private, commercial and the public sector and over again to complete. A loan refers to the transfer of money values for a specified period. The lender agrees to transfer an agreed amount of money, while the borrower receives on the other hand, the obligation to repay them properly with the appropriate interest rate. From the basic principle of equating the term credit and loans, while differentiating itself a loan with a longer duration. Loans can be distinguished by maturity loans, amortization loans, term loans, annuity loans or building society loans. In general, these are long term loans. Annuity loans are characterized by a constant and consistent eradication of the corresponding rates. In the classical sense are Annuittendarlehen again especially in the field of construction and real estate financing. The repayment is made on the redemption amount and theat. Rather, the interest shall be levied in advance on the loan. Installment loans are mostly consumer loans and are found mainly in the purchase of major purchases such as cars, again. Basis for granting a loan is a loan or savings agreement. This regulates the obligation, the amount of the loan, interest rate agreements, term, repayment agreements, termination and the collateral for the loan. For securing loans are generally made in through security transfer of property. The collateral assignment provides that movable property be handed over as collateral for the loan to the lender. It is similar to the lien.