V8 Wankers – Music For American Car Lovers

If you are looking for the best music to go forward with his car in the setting sun, comes around the V8Wankers not. The band plays uncompromising Kick-Ass-Rock and this is every second on the accelerator. The next band calls itself from Offenbach Car Assos and her love for muscle cars and powerful engines is heard at every single stroke in the strings. Have found the five not only by their love for UScar and rock’n roll, but also by the common passion for beer and tattoos. Their motorized hobby but they can not be financed by the music. But that was never the target band. The fun factor is always dominant. But anyone who once had the pleasure to see the guys on a concert, they will still want much greater success. Because on stage you experience with this band for a minute to pick a time to air, in concert with the exhaust gases contaminated air can. When the first reef booms from the speakers, and Kid Vulcan Kaez are guitarists, singers and Tony Lutz Vegas Planet on his drumsin their element. They must also not behind greats like Peter Pan Speed Rock or Nashville Pussy and hide themselves Motrhead had already witnessed one of the enthusiastic live shows. Their debut album was released in 2002 under the promising title “Blown Action Rock” and the cd keeps every single promise. Already next year the V8Wankers her second work, “Automotive Rampage published, maintained that the course of the first cd and also appeared on the 2005 Cd The Demon Tweak, although no surprises were waiting, but once you on the mix of sex, and rock Motors ‘has cost roll, sees an even nor why the band should change their style. Because what they do, they make fine and leaving not a dry eye and foot on the brake. Holger Lentz